Several Gbooks Laid Out in a Row

What is a G-Book?

Your existing printed material from newsletters and magazines through to one page mailers or multiple page brochures can all be converted into our digital G-Book format. But that is only the beginning - our team of multi-talented production people can also integrate video, animations, moving text and graphics which will turn a usual read into something even more appealing. See our showcase for examples.

Highlights of the service 

  • A digital replica of your current or desired material created by experts
  • Increase your circulation area and thus increase your subscription base
  • Cross the time barrier and get people seeing your company 24/7
  • No limitation of pages
  • Effective utilization
  • Increase in ROI
  • Optimisation of the key topics (include video interviews or sound recordings to bring your issue to life!)
  • Inquiries generated can be converted into sales


  • Saves printing and distribution costs associated with print media
  • Accessible anywhere and anytime
  • Easy to distribute - via the Web, email, social networking pages
  • Outstanding for viral marketing as it can be passed on easily by email
  • G-Books can be stored, viewed and accessed off-line
  • Can be updated easily on a daily basis (if required)
  • Permanent information is read-only