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Realtime User Messaging (not an alcoholic beverage). 

Best explained with an example.

See RUM on the NRC website

The Old Way

1:00 AM A tidal wave is about to hit.
1:20 AM A worried resident hears a rumour and looks at the website. It has not been updated yet.
3:00 AM After many calls the rumour has been confirmed
4:00 AM 12 bleary eyed website editors eventually hear about the emergency and start to edit.


1:00 AM A tidal wave is about to hit
1:10 AM The Red Cross feed is read automatically
1:10 AM The website emergency status is updated automatically on all subscribing websites
1:11 AM Social Media (e.g. Facebook) feeds are updated automatically with the emergency information.
1: 20 AM A worried resident looks at the website and knows exactly what is going on.

Style to match your website

Add your own links to further information
Manual Alerts
Add your own alerts to automatically update all subscribers.

E.g. Have all of your subscriber's websites show the appropriate Covid-19 status with a single edit.