Graphic, interface and usability

We fully understand there is a significant gap between a functioning system and a user friendly interface. This is why we have an experienced Guru Design team.  A team of talented graphic designers packed full of creative thoughts, inspiring ideas, an eye for practical usability and a ruthless streak when it comes to presentation. They add the wow factor and a big dollop of sensible usability to all our tech projects. However they don't just specialise in web design, they also handle a significant amount of traditional graphic design work.

Guru Digital Media actually started off as a full service agency, specialising in print, design and branding.

We've evolved into a digital media agency… getting swept along with the tide initially and then as we adapted our skills, we developed a strong passion for digital and immersed ourselves in it.

Although now we lean towards a plethora of online and digital projects, there is always a necessity for excellent creative. Whether you require an online application or more traditional media, great design is a must and we know how to deliver it.