When you've got an idea of what your project objectives are, it's time to get in touch with us and start discussions.

We will ask what you want to achieve, and if you're replacing an existing solution, what the problems are with it that you'd like to overcome.

All projects benefit from considered planning to ensure that the time we bill you for is as productive as possible.

On large or bespoke projects, this will involve an initial paid scoping exercise. We will produce a full project specification in consultation with you.

Assuming the project goes ahead, this is deducted from the overall project cost.

Whether your project involves graphics, video or development, it will involve an element of design.

We incorporate your brand guidelines to effectively reflect your organisation's values.

All of the websites we build are fully responsive for the best experience across a range of devices, including mobile, tablet and desktop.

We adhere to accessibility standards to ensure your website reaches as wide an audience as possible and that you meet your obligations.

At this stage we place emphasis on user experience, user stories, and information architecture.

We construct the functionality and framework of your website in your chosen content management system (CMS).

Larger projects are broken into manageable chunks and delivered in stages, so that you can keep an eye on development as it progresses.

When our development team have implemented all the functionality we complete alpha testing in-house to ensure that everything is working as expected.

User acceptance testing (UAT) occurs when we publish your website on a password-protected server so that you and your team can have a look.

It's a good idea to have a plan to methodically test all of the functionality at this point and make sure that everything works as you expected.

If necessary, based on your feedback minor tweaks are made to the website at this stage.

We make this phase painless for you by including our GTrack tool as standard on all web projects. GTrack makes it effortless to report bugs and issues to be tweaked, without having to worry about the technical details. Check it out:


It's time to load your content. You will be provided with documentation for your website, which will describe how to edit the text, image and video content so that you can get your website loaded up and ready for launch!

Once you've got all of your content loaded and you've double checked everything, you're ready to go live.

We will arrange a time with you for our team to carry out the deployment.

If necessary we will advise on anything you need to do to assist, but usually it's a matter of sitting back and hitting refresh until your brand new, shiny website appears on screen!